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Rudolf Jabre: The Future of Online Publishing


It would be fair to say that the industry of publishing made a major leap the past few years with the introduction of online publishing.

Starting from the invention of the first printing press in the fifteenth century, on through the ages, highlighting countless revolutions in publishing and the introduction of newspapers, right up to today's digital era where online content is created and spread universally in a blink of an eye.

The e-world had an impact on publishing similar to the huge transformation made by the introduction of the printing press few centuries ago, publishing, advertising PR and marketing are all increasingly tangled nowadays.

Thanks to the numeric digital world, publishing has crossed the traditional obstacles and removed the barriers to access everyone everywhere making it possible for a regular user to become a publisher in the modern day. Today we witness the dawn of self-publishing platforms through social media and distribution channels, any individual, brand or business can now become a publisher with very few boundaries; however the issue of protecting intellectual property rights rises with the fall of these frontiers.
these frontiers. In a search for the priorities of online publishing, and the area of its growth, it is clear that mobile development, e-commerce and commercial data analysis are the urgencies for publishing businesses for the coming years in addition to applications for smartphones and tablets.

Nonetheless in this digital world, the expectations and preferences of the readers and consumers are as fast changing as the trends. In an effort to retain the pace, publications should reinvent themselves on regular basis however; the first objective is to find out what readers want, and how those changes to what they look for when consuming media affects their behavior in the digital world. With that knowledge, publications can create renewed ways to interact with news and generate further income streams. Therefore changes should occur on multiple levels in the online publishing world, The online readers are looking for a more personalized content matching with their consistent searches; as they should be able to get an achieved library of the articles they read in the previous years when they can keep track of the evolution of their preferences and orientation.

In addition to the personalized content, users want to choose to read the article, listen to it or watch the video of it, and that variety turns to be a crucial turning point in the days and years to come. On another hand, publishers should match the users’ needs by creating personalized search results in a system that allows publishers to post content that matters the most to each individual, a content that tends to be more visualized where videos views will continue to rise. But to succeed in their new tasks publishers should focus on data mining which will be the key to all future findings. As for advertisers, brands will have to reach specific users and communicate to each individual the right message that tackles his needs and interests, Ad placements will decrease and more engagement applications will be placed on sites that guarantee conversion Each brand will know the type of reader that is accessing the site and can engage with the user the right approach to “tickle” him and catch his attention.

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