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Zoya Sakr Jabre explains how to Build Online brands


Success in the online business is the aim of every entrepreneur who entered and invested in the e-market, where any achievement is closely related to building a personal and unique brand; marketers need to recognize that online branding should be a priority as it can help you achieve your goals by driving added revenue for your business. In short, if you want to grow your business online, you first need to grow your brand.

So how did we manage to build brands such as www.nawa3em.com ,www.ra2ed.com,  www.gheir.com or www.chababs.com and raise them to become leaders in their category?  What are the factors in building these brands that made out of them a success story?

For us it was all about building an entity that will echo with our customers and keep them coming back again and again, each brand had its own strategy and targeted a certain audience by adjusting its content and services to the needs of a certain public, Not only will building our brand online go a long way to boost awareness and build our reputation, but the more people are invested in our brand, the greater the chances are that they will actively seek it out and remain loyal.

Our main focus was on having a clear understanding of our audience, especially before we began creating content strategies and communication plans. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you identify your target audience. Tools such as these allow you to learn more about your audience, including gender, age, marital status, household income…

Then we gave our brand a voice, we determined what our audience wanted to hear and what message to put forward. This shaped the essence of our brand’s voice. This voice echoed loud in www.chababs.com where we targeted youth through a smooth interaction between cool fun and worthy information related to their interests.
But the online activity was always supported by offline stimulation threw launching events media coverage gala diners and interviews which put the audience on a personal contact with us, the creators of their favorite brands and helped in boosting the numbers of web visitors.

It was clear that brand association had a huge influence on our audience; by adding to our content the endorsement of celebrities which helped our brand to expand much more its audience and reach a certain public unattainable through other means.

however, these boosters will fade away if the content didn’t meet up the expectations in its credibility and its visuals where we put real hard thinking without taking the design for granted by adjusting the right visuals for each brand, and with the consistency of the websites the credibility and creativity of its content and the appeal of its design, our products became a reliable source of news, we made each of our websites stand in its sector, making users connect with its brand essence going beyond publishing content by creating personal relationship with each website visitor.

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