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Rudolf Jabre: Let’s go viral!


Viral marketing is a critical facade of any successful business. Otherwise referred to as word-of-mouth marketing, Viral is today's electronic equivalent of archaic rumor, gossip or tittle-tattle, this practice is one of the least expensive options that any business enterprise has for advertising purposes. In simple terms, it refers to the broadcast of a marketing message from one individual to another or what someone says about a particular company to anyone else.

Viral marketing is a credible form of publicity because it does not come straight from the company's managers, but rather, it comes as a direct outcome of the business' performances. While this message can be relayed orally, today it is more likely that the message will appear on someone's Facebook or MySpace page as part of their daily expelling or blogging process. Viral marketing can either break a company or make it one of the most successful enterprises in its field.

In the past, people used to read company’s assessments and depend on what they heard on television and radio commercials. Today, however, consumers want to hear what it is that "real" people have to say about products and services that they are interested in themselves.

This is precisely why it is so important to knock on this technology’s door now if you haven't already done so. The old technology of offering your products or services along with some stimulators to motivate consumers simply isn't going to be enough to keep your company afloat in the future. Easy access to immediate information through Internet usage and mobile devices is one of the quickest procedures for getting your information out to potential customers.

After all, the larger the number of people who are exposed to this type of advertising, the bigger the potential for success. Word-of-mouth marketing is more important than some companies realize. It isn't just enough to provide a great product or service and post an advertisement about it on your website or in the newspaper. Of course a company is going to advertise its own klaxon and say "Yes, we have a prodigious product." What you need is for people who actually use your product to say "Yes, I was pleasantly surprised. This product is great!"

Marketers have caught the “infection” and are progressively weaving viral components into their marketing strategies. Not only is the approach relatively inexpensive, but also it can sometimes be more credible than standard ads

This form of marketing or advertising generally tends to utilize social networks to quite a large extent, with regards to producing brand awareness, promoting a website or idea, or any number of marketing objectives. The idea behind it is that the marketing spreads in a way similar to how a virus extents, from person-to-person. Viral marketing can be spread by word-of-mouth or through the Internet, which is usually the more projecting and faster travelling method.

Few companies took advantage of the opportunities that viral marketing has to offer, especially in the middle east, however some success stories gives us a hint on the extended dimensions our business could reach via Viral marketing or videos, for example “Buzz” with their ad “5alle el jaw wel3an” that invaded YouTube with more than 300 thousand views, Facebook and entered the youth’s culture and language with their famous sayings like “3ade mashewe wel chabeb” another example came with the ad of “sheyif 7alak”  sequence with bank Med “ chou we2fet 3layye?” that conquered the region’s society especially in Lebanon.

Another example comes from our websites www.ra2ed.com or www.nawa3em.com that managed to become a source of news in the region, where many flashing news or articles are being widely spread or tweeted thanks to the credibility these websites acquired among the audience.

Viral marketing is an opening to gain a booming effect on the market as you create a buzz and power your business enterprise to the highpoint of success.
Open up your website to your customers and your potential customers and watch your business grow as the interaction heats up.
Promote the message and you promote your success.

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