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How defining goals does affect management?


Your job as a manager is to lead your organization. In order to lead effectively, the first thing you have to know is the goal.
Many companies have set goal for their companies. You need to find out if your company has one and, if so, what it is. You need to find out how your part of the organization is supposed to help accomplish that goal.

Let's say your company's goal includes a corporate goal of increasing the sales 40%. You are responsible for product development. What does your group have to do to implement that overall goal? Will you train you team on new development techniques? Would it be better to hire new employee? You are the expert. Your company depends on you to analyze all the options and make (or recommend) the correct decisions.

Challenge all your assumed constraints. Forget about company culture, previous failed attempts at expansion, what your last company did, etc. Instead, look at what is best for your company. Look at all the options. Then, when all the options are on the table, you can consider issues such as culture, finances, competition, etc.
Take into consideration four essentials:

  • Share the goal with everyone involved:
  • Putting your team in the picture will give them a better understanding of how much their work serves the target.

  • Motivate your team:
  • Motivation is vital for achieving goals. Public praise, training, lunch, additional responsibility…, are ways to push your team to deliver tasks on time.

  • Put timelines:
  • For the job to be done you should set timelines. Try as much as you can to deliver work packages on time to keep your work on right track.

  • Monitor and provide feedback as you reach toward the goal:
  • Track the daily progress and give feedback. Remember the earlier you discover you are behind the schedule the more you can catch up.


Remember share the success with your team, as you would never achieved it without their efforts.

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