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Shady deeb: Unplug The Bottleneck in Your Business


The Client is always right, even when he makes his worst actions. For that reason, companies always try to satisfy their needs by creating the best service strategies and applying it between the employees. Once the strategy is well abided, it will give its best influence. But when the service does not meet the expectations, we'll  face a service failure, what we call the Bottleneck.

But what is bottleneck? Let me explain it to you in an easy way. Have you ever been in a supermarket when you are shopping (and in this situation you're in the bottom of the bottle, where you have your space, your freedom, a good service), but once you're done your shopping, and will to pay, then you will b stocked in the neck of the bottle, waiting your turn to pay in a very long lane.

When you’re talking about overall business effectiveness, the first thing you have to figure out is where the bottleneck is within your business, what do you need to do, add more stations, check the efficient of your staff or there are hidden gaps?

Usually, There are two main types of bottlenecks: Short-term bottlenecks caused by temporary problems, and Long-term bottlenecks that occur all the time. Can you identify the primary bottleneck in your business success right now?  Identifying and fixing bottlenecks is highly important. They can cause a lot of problems in terms of lost revenue, dissatisfied customers, wasted time, poor-quality products or services, and high stress in team members.

So, How to Avoid Bottlenecks in your business?
Being the only one who knows how to do something
Avoid requiring your employees to seek approval for minor decisions that won’t affect the company in a drastic manner. Let them make the decision so they can carry on with their job.
None Organized areas
Let your employees keep an organized work area .A disorganized workplace results in bottlenecks, because employees and management cannot find what they’re looking for, resulting in a slowdown or a complete standstill.
Provide clear job descriptions
Provide your employees with clear job descriptions that full explains their daily requirements. They should have a list of daily tasks to complete and should never be left wondering what they can do next.  
Hire high-performing employees
Never think of money when it comes to the quality you're looking for. Try to focus on bringing in employees who perform at a high level, you relieve the company from bottlenecks created by underperforming employees who can’t complete tasks on time or effectively 
Doing too much production
Probably the most common small business mistake is working in your business instead of on your business.  If you’re still generating billable work or working too much in production, it should be work that no one on your staff can do and work that requires a very high skill set.

Have you ever faced a bottleneck in your business? And what were the steps you achieved to overpass it?


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