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Samer Zaarour: How you challenge your assumed constraints?

Ken Blanchard defines “assumed constraints” as “a belief you have, based on past experience that limits your current and future experiences”.
I will state some examples of those believe:
·         That no one really cares
·         That I am not willing to change
·         That they won’t follow my leadership
·         That I am stuck in the past
·         That I am not able to learn new tricks
·         That I won’t respond to any bold challenges
·         That they will fire me if they don’t like me
How to challenge those believes and move forward?
Let us take the example “they will fire me if they don’t like me”.

Think about it; is it really a personal matter? The answer is no. You already have been hired because you have qualifications that differentiate you from the other candidates that applied to the job. So if you are maintaining those qualifications or improving them, there is no reason for you are fired.
Furthermore, what are the weak points in your personality that make you assume that you will be fired?
Are those points real, or you are just imagining things?
Did you skip those point but you are not realizing that till now?

In all cases, the only solution is you face those weak points in you. Let us assume you have communication problem with your colleagues, do an effort to ameliorate you communication style, look for directions in blogs, books, person you trust…

Remember the valuable quote “the day you decide to do it is your lucky day!” 

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