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Hasan hashem: How to Start with Apple Developer Program? and how to monetize your apps?


 Apple Inc. presents 3 programs for the technical users to benefit from their Stores:

IOS Development (iPhone Operating System Apps).
Mac Development (Mac device’s software’s)
Safari Development (MAC devices default browser)
As we titled how to achieve some profits from the Mobile Apps, we will highlight on the IOS Development Program (Dedicated for Mobile Programming).
The Developer or the business owner will choose their program type if it’s individual program or engaged by a company, then after some personal and billing applications, he will be able after few days to start developing using Apple’s certificate to identify his applications in the Store.
-         How to monetize your mobile apps?
As known, as a result to the above mentioned revolution, the total revenue share is in continuous growth yearly since 2  - 3 years, ABI Research says developers and other stakeholders generated $8.5 billion on mobile apps last year, which is a pittance compared to where that figure is expected to go in the coming years.  Mobile app revenue was huge last year, but that'll be nothing compared to where it's expected to go by 2016.
According to main statistics companies in U.S., Mobile app revenue set to soar to $46 billion in 2016!!
Two contracts will be requested by user depending on his preferences which might be free Apps or paid.
Free Apps:
Mainly used to promote Business, website, game, or any other products, the user here has no profit source since he is offering a free application where the user can download without any payment, unless the developer decided to request a contract of ‘iAd’, this contract will share Apple’s Advertisements within his application upon his request, Apple in this case will share a constant value with the developer considered in the contract details for each Adv. or each click on the Adv. 
Paid Apps:
In this case, your app will be shown as a paid application in the store, you will determine what Price Tier the application should be released with, almost, developers releases their application with 0.99$ as a price tier, Apple used always to share 30% from the total of any developer’s profits, and they paid usually every 30 – 40 days.
According to the last statistics, this type of applications were the best seller in the last 2 – 3 years, it’s a free application where the user can buy items within, e.g.  Most of games nowadays release their apps using in-app-purchase process, they give user a chance to like the application in multi levels (Game’s Levels as considered), then he will be seduced to unlock more levels by paying for each one. The developer will determine the price tier for each purchase after integrating the functions needed to complete the in-app-purchase process. Using this method, each application has the ability to gain more than 0.99$ or 0.69$ as a developer’s net profit!!
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