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Shady Deeb: How to express yourself in Your Blog Writing?


What makes your blog different from the other? The style, the target or how the audience has reacted with it. Sometimes you may ask what is the difference between you and another blogger, and why he could get all this attention, but you have to remember, once you are yourself, you will get a real engagement, and  If your blog doesn’t sound like you, it’s time to rewrite until it’s genuine.

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And you as a blogger, how you must express yourself in your blogs?

Take a clear position: Your blog gives you a chance to make a stand,so don’t wallow in the middle ground. Choose a position and defend it and offer what is new to your followers.

Don’t mince words: Say it like you mean it. Forget the qualifiers and euphemisms and be yourself.

Provoke disagreement between you and your engager: Engage your followers enough to disagree with you. If you don't make this spirit they will not b able to understand you or feel engaged.

Keep following up with your followers: Provoke disagreement that make readers unsubscribe from your blog. You don't need passive people.

At the end, you have to build a real and frank relationship with your readers, and present yourself as you are.

And you, how do you act in you blog and what kind of strategy you follow?


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