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Zoya Sakr Jabre: Online branding ideas by 2Pure


In essence, online branding ideas have a simple goal of building a trusted brand, a model name if you like. But the principals of starting a brand in the e-world are little different from those required in the offline world.

Thinking that branding is expensive, or that only multinationals with huge budgets can do it, or that it’s a complex strategy limited to the experts is false in the virtual world where the online branding has an aspect so simple that anyone could do it with humble costs.

Companies of all magnitudes are joining the web, not only to build their own websites, but also to expand their digital presence via social media channels and company blogs. It’s at this initial stage that it’s more important than ever to establish a successful online branding strategy. Here’re a few tips on how to go about doing that.

The principal tool for stimulating a brand via the internet is, of course, the company website where displaying the company logo and corporate colors generously together with any registered trademarks must be one of the first steps in the process of establishing a company’s visual identity.
When we lunched www.nawa3em.com, we gave it an identity beside its logo, and the targeted content, it was the colors of this pioneer website that defined its audience, on another hand, www.ra2ed.com had more rigid aspect as it targeted a specific audience of businessmen and youth.
Consequently it would be clear after comparing these two websites that online branding ideas include the creation and promotion of certain fixed elements. These may include a company or product name, a logo, a tagline or slogan, certain graphic images and even the consistent use of distinctive corporate colors.

Defining the perception behind the brand is the starting point and originality, combined with a full understating of the aims and aspirations of the client, is the key to success. Among the various online branding ideas, a tagline or catchphrase, chosen with care, can make a brand instantly recognizable.
However we see that branding is much more than just a name and a logo and some trademark colors  It’s a particular way of doing things that starts with the simple act of presenting yourself, or your business, but ends with a surge in apparent valued; which ultimately leads to an increase in profit.
The difference between real and perceived value is the result of branding.

There are plenty of expensive and complex ways to achieve this sort of result, but even the flashiest of the branding strategies is based on a single concept: consistency and regularity.

Basically, it’s all about echoing a message, over and over again, in a consistent way, to establish an idea in the mind of potential customers.
If you aim to creating a catchy first impression and establishing a consistent branding all over the e-world, you should keep in mind the importance of regularity and consistency on multiple levels; according to webdesignerdepot.com

Profile consistency

Selecting the right username is the precise first step in online branding. The best choice is to use the same name as the URL of your website, now, using the same username over and over again, across different social media vents, is a big part of creating brand consistency over the web.
The big benefit of doing that is that whenever someone relates with your brand via more than one of these pages, it will create a sense of steadiness, and that in turn will increase the value of that specific username when compared to others.

Another tip, still on the topic of social media accounts, is to whenever possible; inter-connect these pages, adding a link from one to another. The more points of interaction you offer to your potential customers, the more you’ll be found, which consequently adds to your perceived value.

Visual consistency

The visual aspect of branding is not just about the business logo, but this element is certainly its central piece. With that said, in order to achieve the minimum level of visual consistency, all you’ve got do is to apply the same logo across the board.

However, from our personal experience where we managed to raise many of our brands to the top visited websites in the region, we could easily state that even if you have the best visuals, colors, logos… which are essential for audience attraction, gaining the visitor’s loyalty is highly attached to a consistent trustful content, adapted to the client’s needs and aspirations. It’s about becoming a reliable source of news or service, and only satisfied clients will keep coming back for more of your services.

The Internet has unlocked a channel where small companies can fashion brand value at an investment level which was formerly out of range. Even independent traders are capable to brand themselves on almost equal terms with any multinational, just be creative and consistent!

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