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Rudolf Jabre: Why you should hire people smarter than you?


Your staff is your main investment, and the most important asset, the business idea might be an innovative one, will fade eventually if you do not have the right team to implicate and develop it.  The network and the way in which social media has changed people’s lives has made marketing a business and building a user base/audience much easier, largely removing the significant cost of gaining traction for a new market entry.
One thing that hasn’t changed is the importance businesses should place on people. Smart, talented people will make a bad product great. Bad people will kill your business.
Wanting to be the smartest, most experienced person in your company is a mistake many founders make.

Having people that are more experienced and often smarter than you working within the business will define how your company grows.
First of all, you should know that in your company you are the leader, and as one, hiring people smarter than you is a proof, that you are wiser.
In most establishments managers are experts, and leaders are generalist. What we have to realize is that the work is not done by the leader the work is done by the team. So here is the point- if we hire the best team we get the best results.
In order to achieve this process one should overcome one personal obstacle: ego. If you feel unsecure being surrounded by smart innovative staff then, you are not a good leader, and therefore you won’t be able to run your company in a profitable way.  This prevents you from thinking about the possibility of hiring someone who is smarter than you are in their specific area of expertise. That is the wrong way to think about it. So the goal is to find the “best of the best” in every field you need to run your business.

Therefore, we recommend you, to follow some simple tips while choosing your staff;

1. Search for talent- as you attend many diverse conferences and meetings where you encounter all kind of people, always be on the lookout for new talent. Talk to them and get to know them professionally and even ask them to send you their resume, and put it in your file of future talent.
2. Master the interviewing art- Interviewing, is an art not many people excel in.  This is a skill and not a science. In order to grow your interviewing skills ask for help, from your own existing team, identify people in your company who are known as being great interviewers and ask them if you could sit in on one of their interviews.
3. One interview isn’t enough to make a good judgment- Over a decade in the business field where I performed countless interviews, I have found that interviews that include multiple people and where the candidate coming back for several interviews are much more effective. The reason that this is so effective is each time the candidate comes back for an interview they become more relaxed and comfortable.  This allows you to get beyond the techniques that they’ve learned in their interviewing books and classes and to try to get to the real person beyond the techniques. 
4. Scratch the hidden talent- I find often in companies and establishments there is hidden talent waiting to arise, just waiting to be revealed. Be this element that scratches the appearances looking for the hidden talent to emerge. So if your staff is the second most important asset to a business, how you empower them remains the main benefit in any business.
5.  Look for variety- I find that the great leaders are always looking for diversity. Hire people radically crazily different than you! And don’t hire people according to your own image.
As founder, your role is providing the vision and strategic direction the business is heading in. When a start-up, it is your job to supervise all essential areas of the business and to guarantee everyone understands the role they are in and the deliverables associated with it. It is their job to execute and deliver the strategy, so empower them to do it.

Finally, encourage the team to collaborate with each other. You’ll find that as a team, a lot more gets done.





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