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Samer Zaarour: How you conduct a successful meeting?


Sometimes meetings are disorganized and could result in unclear decisions and confusion. Below are tips that help you to lead a successful meeting:

• Know when to set a meeting and when to use e-mail
When topics are complex don’t create a never-ending email thread, do not spent time composing long e-mail while in 10 minutes meetings you summarize the whole situation.
In the other hand when topics are easy it better to deal with them by e-mails or quick phone call.

• Involve the right people
Make sure who need to be invited to the meeting; some people may complain that it is waste of time for him because the subject of the meeting is outside the scope of his work, other may just come and throw negative thoughts. 

• Create an agenda
Keeping everything in head is a very hard mission, you will forget important notes. Make an agenda where you write all topics, ideas, and questions and tell the people you invited about this agenda, so they think about it, make their researches and prepare answers.

• Plan how  much time you will spent on each topic
Predefine the time to be spent to discuss each topic so you have control on the total amount  time of the meeting and make sure you do not spent time on points that you need to be pass over quickly and keep enough time for other important points.

• Follow up after the meeting
Follow up on the decision taken in the meeting and make sure every person is doing what was asked from him to do.
Meetings are very important, they clarify situation let people communicate and fasten the work process.





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