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Zoya Sakr Jabre: How to create engaging branded content


 Content is the core of any web presence, it defines the relationship with the consumer and the online surfer, whether it’s a long stable interactive and personalized content which will engage a long term interaction with the public or it’s a transient experience affected by a fading interest  which will lead eventually to a separation  with the e-public. Whether you’re a retailer, a media site or a social startup, it’s compelling, up-to-date and relevant content that attracts and engages users. If your content isn’t right, your customers simply won’t engage with it in the way you hope.

Therefore, leading websites in the Middle East such as www.ra2ed.com, www.nawa3em.com made sure to be surfing with the public on the same wave, knowing their interests, updating their content daily based on the surfers’ needs and orientations.
The rise of search and social marketing has not changed this basic truth about the way that the web works. When people link to you, they’re linking to your content. When they share via social networks, they’re sharing your content. It means that great content should be just as important to marketers as it is to the people using the Internet to talk, learn and buy. It turns out that content is still king.
Engaging Branded Content is simply meant to engage your audience by prompting them to “like”, share, comment, retweet, repin...
A coherent content strategy will lead to increase brand awareness, to build meaningful consumer relationships, to gain the consumer’s loyalty and give the brand the credibility,
Therefore we offer some tips to generate your own Engaging Branded Content:
- Put your audience needs first, by humanizing the brand, because the audience is not interested in your brand or service, people are interested in themselves their problems their dreams, and as much as u can make your content and brand relevant to their needs greater you will gain their loyalty. This mind-set is more likely to create things that are useful to consumers and therefore earn attention and shares.
In brief talk to your audience in their language and their tone of voice, not yours.
- To create Engaging Branded Content you should time your post to reach more users and make sure that these posts are creative, short, sweets and not sale oriented.
When it comes to increasing user engagement on social media insure that you respond to questions and comments right away, post regularly, run a poll, a quiz or a contest and change your URL to something easy to remember.
A few simple tips like this can’t tell you how to create great content - that’s part talent, part experience, part understanding your audience, part luck and a great big chunk of content strategy. However, if you focus on creating content that’s made for people, not machines, then you’re starting from the right place.
 Make it Portable, Findable & Shareable by avoiding the mindset that your content must be published only on your site and completely controlled by you. Good content should be built to travel, so users should be able to download, embed or share it as they like.
Finally, the one tip we could give everyone willing to engage the e-world, is to understand the heart and spirit of social media, by  answering some simple question ; what is my audience interested in ? How can I help solve my audience’s challenges and problems? How can I improve my audience’s enjoyment while using my product? What type of content will my audience share with their social –business network?

It is the right answers brought to these simple questions that will allow you to engage branded content, and will allow you to tell your brand’s story in a relevant and interesting way, that will allow you to gain the audience’s loyalty and engage a long term interaction with the e-public



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