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Rudolf Jabre: 5 tips to launch a startup by 2pure


Launching your own business is a big deal. To have a growing successful business involves a lot of commitment, and patience. You will need to be able to organize your time, and your team.

The prospective can be unlimited, however running a business will not outfit everyone, and so you should be honest with yourself and consider whether or not you have what it takes to go it on your own.

It can be challenging for new startups to gather media care — budgets are tight, relationships with journalists may not be that strong and illuminating on a new idea is tough. Not to mention, early-stage startups usually only employ a few people focused on product and development. Therefore, marketing and public relations are often tackled piecemeal by whoever has time.

Therefore we offer you five tips to launch your startup, helping you to be on the top of your game as fast as possible, and be able to spread your new idea as wide as you want.

Do your market study: If you have a great idea, and you have established a company it doesn’t necessarily means you will make profits or you will be able to sell it!  The first vital step is to explore your likely market. Who will be consuming your idea? Is there space for your product or service in the market or is the market saturated? Who are your customers, and who are you targeting? These are all questions that need to be answered before you even consider starting a business. Too many entrepreneurs having great ideas found out the difficult way, that their product or service don’t have enough space to flourish in today’s market.

Have a written and clear business plan: even if you are working alone, and you intend having a small business, and even if your company won’t need any loan, you should have a business plan written in a clear and detailed method.

Ask yourself a question: would I invest time and money in a company that doesn’t have a business plan? Write your plan; get it critiqued by professionals, and most important, BE READY TO CHANGE IT upon advice.

Promote according to your strength:
The lure is to pick all the marketing approaches that your rivals use. To place ads that you know nothing about producing, or make icy calls that gives you headache…
It's hard to stand out among your competitors when you are doing the same kind of marketing! So instead, look to your strengths. What do you like to do? What are you good at? Then choose few marketing methods that rhyme with those strengths.

Enhance your PR: PR is essential nowadays to launch your startup, create good relations with journalists, and know what’s newsworthy before you begin pitching your business, and be aware of the importance of your message and try to highlight it clearly.
And as you get down to pitching time, make sure you have all assets ready that a journalist might request, such as:

• A company or product description
• Photos relevant to the story
• Screenshots of the product

Learn from others: Finally, don’t forget that you have very little time to learn how to run you project especially when you are in the thick of a startup. Learn the fundamentals earlier from the many respectable websites detailing the subject and buy some books teaching these essentials.
And yet it would be great, if at all possible, line-up an experienced mentor who can provide calm and wise guidance when needed and act as a sounding board when you reach critical stages in the development of your business.



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