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Elie Abi Saab: App Store vs. Google Play


Comparing the cash pouring into Apple’s App Store versus its app marketplace competitor Google Play isn’t much of a contest. A November study from app analytics company shows that the App Store’s monthly revenues are 300 percent greater than Google Play’s. But why does the huge disparity persist? Especially since the number of Android users out there in the mobile world long ago surpassed those using iOS. The short answer, developers say, is Apple’s maniacal quality control. But they also stress that the very same control-freak approach often means Android is a better choice to launch and grow some kinds of app businesses.

There are a number of factors that contribute to Apple’s App store revenue dominance. The App Store was the first, it is the largest, and you probably already have a credit card on file with Apple. But the most important reason for its financial success, developers say, is Apple’s tortuous approval process.
are more willing to fork over their money for an iOS app, because they know they’ll probably get their money’s worth. The App Store has a higher proportion of quality apps, thanks to the approval process. That means developers can, and have, charged more for their apps.

Apple’s higher quality standards also mean that people are more trusting of the App Store apps to be free of snooping or malicious code. You don’t have those assurances in Google’s app world. There’s no guarantee of quality or safety on the Android market. Plus, there’s a lot of counterfeiting and a lot of apps that simply aren’t any good.

While the App Store’s rigorous acceptance process has done a good job of keeping harmful and low-quality apps out, it’s also kept out some developers intent on making free apps with in-app purchases.

I have experience with both and I've been really disappointed when I've had to pay for an iPhone app, found it to be not what I wanted and had no way to get my money back. I'll pay for Android apps, but only after trying them out. If it was my money buying the tablet, I'd get an Android.

Sure, for Google Play there is still a huge revenue gap to close, but it is gradually closing, and either Apple changes its approval process or Google Play won’t be in second place for long.



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