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Rudolf Jabre: Online startup tools


The best thing about having an online business, is the fact of there are many online tools and resources that will help you lunching your startup, however the  overwhelming number of online tools might lead you into taking some wrong choices, therefore choosing the right ones will be essential to your business.

Here we offer you some of the best startup tools, knowing that there may be many others, these tools vary based on your needs and the phase your startup is in:

Buying a Domain Name: GoDaddy, is one of the best online tools that offers you domain names at very good prices, in addition, they have the lowest prices on the extensions and country domains like .com, .net, .org, the newer ones like .co, .us and ..ca and .co.uk.

Web Hosting: For web hosting, ipage has been awarded number one hosting website in 2013, with a fast and accurate supporting team they have managed to minimize the problems we always face to its minimum.
If you need something cheaper than Ipage or Media Temple, take a look at Host Gator. These guys can get you started from a very cheap cost; they’re very reliable with great support people.

Building a Website: The next step that follows having a domain name and hosting your website, is actually creating it,
WordPress is one of the best options. It’s free and there are thousands of plugins and themes available that allow you to add without needing to be designer or web developer.

Getting Visitors to Your Site: Social media is the easiest way to get people visit your website, get them attracted to your business by highlighting your services or products with interactive tools. The big ones to try are Facebook and Twitter. If your site is aimed at a business audience, being active on LinkedIn can be worthwhile.

Advertising: Google AdSense is the largest advertising network by far. It’s free to join and it’s usually the easiest way to starting making money with your website. Be sure to check out their help pages for advice on the best placements for ads and to take a look at my own AdSense tutorial.

Building a Mailing List: Email lists help build traffic to your website as well as offering you a way to keep in touch with your most dedicated fans, maintaining the loyalty of your visitors happens to be vital in a crowded market.

To handle subscriptions and send out mailings you need a mailing list provider. The two industry standards are Aweber and Mail Chimp.




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