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How social media can help you increase revenues


Social media is not the answer to a problem that faced the market. It is just another tool we used to help us achieve our business aims; it opened up new markets and horizons we couldn’t reach by another means. Social media also provided a low-cost method to market our product, companies or brands.

Social media helps you interact with a new fraction of customers, you cannot reach through the conventional ways or the classic offline marketing methods. However, social media marketing is an effective way to keep your existing customers happy.

Here are five easy tips to help you increase your income torrent from existing customers with social media.

1.Recompense regular purchases, and give your customers incentives.
It is easier and less costly to retain existing costumers than to acquire new ones, so you have to upsurge your revenue, by stimulating more purchases more frequently, promoting add-on services.
Offer exclusive deals to your social media public, grounding the discount on the customer level or frequency of purchase.
These kinds of incentives will allow you to grow your revenues without purchasing new customers.

2. Boost the spending per purchase
It’s another way to increase revenue from existing customers; encourage them to spend more at each purchase. For service industries, consider rushing your offerings together, providing a discount for multiple services that will tempt your customers to spend more.

3.Keep your communities strong and bonded.
In order to keep that bond between you and your customers, keep engaging them, interaction is a key element to a stable growth in your revenues. No one wants to see an endless stream of deals and promotions with very little customer interaction or information sharing. Be sure to continue with your engagement strategy as you add deals and promotions to your tweets and postings.

4.  Inform your customers about your other products.
You can expand sales by featuring a product or service of the week, letting customers know why they should consider these offerings, too. Use photos, videos, webinars, and other engaging content types to keep things interesting.
Educate your customers about your other services or products and it will help you boost your revenues.

5.  Remember that value is the core of your growth.
Deals and offers are important, but remember your content will always be the core of your business, keep customers coming back for your content, and they will keep coming back for your products and services, too. You can’t sell to your Facebook fans if they block you from their news feed. So, always be sure you are creating valuable content so your community will want to hear what you have to say.



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