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Shady Deeb: Analyze your brand to identify yourself


How would your most important customer describe you in five words? Does your culture support your strategy? Have you ever checked or analyzed your brand?

Sometimes we might ask what is a Brand strategy?  Well it is about clearly defining the meaning of your company or product and aligning everything to support that meaning and position. Opinions, good instincts, and creative thinking are not enough when it comes to brand analysis.  Brand analysis involves sizing up a business situation and deciding on a strategy. 

But how shall we analyze our brand?
In order to successfully establish a business  brand, we have to think of 3 important strategies, The customer Analysis, the Competitor analysis and A self analysis. Be aware, you have to discover your identity at the beginning of your search, Is your brand a product, an organization, a person or a symbol? Don't mix between them to achieve your value and credibility.

Many entrepreneur may look for some strategies, but never think it is easy, coz the business world is huge and the research will consist on you brand building programs, but briefly, I will present you 6 important brand identity system you have to follow and check to assure that you're on the right track.

- Define your brand: Make the others see your business. Use a unique selling proposition to convey the traits you want associated with your business.
- Set your image- message: We often hear large companies or political candidates talk about staying on message. It is important that all the members understand the image- message that you want portrayed. 
- Differentiate your brand: Find out the strengths and weaknesses of competitive brands. Determine how the brands of your closest competitors are perceived, and determine how best to use that information to leverage your company or product brand. The absence of brand differentiation can lead to price competition and low profit margins.
- Brand your Content: All content should be branded. If executives are speaking at conferences, their visual presentations should be branded.
- Your competitors ranking: How would you feel if you discover that a competitor ranks is higher than yours in the search engines? You must OWN your brand in the search engines, this means you may have to bid on terms, and you may have to optimize for your brand.
- Create your brand Identity: Create a face for your business. All aspects of your public image should encompass your professional identity from your logo, name, and the promotional materials.

We at 2pure branding agency, have specified our Brand identity, and analyzed our websites needs, and you can feel it with our websites www.ra2ed.com, www.nawa3em.com, www.gheir.com, and www.chababs.com. Each has its own identity, heritage and engagement with the reader. We have built it under the main strategy we're following, respecting the need of every portal.

And you, how did you plan for your brand identity? Share with us your experience.




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