2pure , Application __ Thursday, February 28, 2013 4:52 PM - Hassan Hashem
Apple Inc. presents 3 programs for the technical users to benefit from their Stores:

IOS Development (iPhone Operating System Apps).

Mac Development (Mac device’s software’s)

Safari Development (MAC devices default browser)

As we titled how to achieve some profits from the Mobile Apps, we will highlight on the IOS Development Program (Dedicated for Mobile Programming).

The Developer or the business owner will choose their program type if it’s individual program or engaged by a company, then after some personal and billing applications, he will be able after few days to start developing using Apple’s certificate to identify his applications in the Store.
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2pure , Technology __ Tuesday, February 12, 2013 10:08 AM - Hassan Hashem
During the biggest revolution of the Internet world, people have been trained to share their minds, ideas, knowledge, interests, and much more issues online. In the last five years since Apple launched the iPhone device, and distributed their Stores around the world, the mobile applications have grown into a multibillion-dollar market as a result of those revolutions.

Nowadays, consumers download Smartphone apps to play games, manage their stock portfolios, track their workouts, listen to music, entertain, social connect worldwide, and much more fields that mostly cover people’s daily life cycle.

According to the above facts, the Mobile Application’s technology took the biggest roles in various business work’s areas, depending on a survey conducted by Constant Contact, Inc. the vast majority or 90 percent of event planners say they would like to learn the application of mobile technology for such occasions.

While small business understands the value of mobile technology for even promotions, they also know there is a large gap between the level of interest and available skill.
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