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Digital entrepreneurship in the Middle East


Nowadays, the online presence has become vital for all enterprises. In this context the entrepreneurs turned to the web to access easily a fast growing market, where business opportunities proliferate and the start-ups are mainly digital enterprises.

The digital entrepreneurship highlights the growing use of the internet in and for enterprises and commerce. In the perspective of possessing their own business and  enjoy a margin of freedom and assembling work and fun, the digital entrepreneurship found a vast number of fan motivated by pursuing success and maintaining their freedom.

These personal motivations will lead the entrepreneur to establish an enterprise on the web; however this entrepreneur should acquire skills in web marketing and development which will offer him a global view that will help him in adjusting his offer and business model.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, the digital entrepreneurship has minimized the huge financial risks that would occur in the normal offline business;
The digital entrepreneur is the one who rallies resources and skills to develop a web activity where he commercialese goods and services via an e-channel of distribution.

However, the Middle Eastern entrepreneurs should know, that the key to their success, is not by copying the western entrepreneurship model, but by knowing the middle eastern consumer who looks for credibility and trust on the net, and here lies the real challenge, to provide a service directly related to the needs of the middle eastern consumer and associate this knowledge with the reliability of this digital entrepreneurship.

The consumer in this region is acquiring slowly the culture of the online business, although we see an important growth in the web business it definitively needs more time and more success stories to encourage both entrepreneurs and consumers to go online.

It is clear that governments have to take the lead in nurturing .com start-ups and creating the right environment for digital entrepreneurs to emerge by loosening policies and regulations, lowering start-up costs, developing infrastructure, and providing funding to be major tools that MENA officials can use to encourage tech innovation in the region.

Adding to what preceded, digital entrepreneurship should overcome some obstacles to prosper in the Middle East, starting with the fear of failure where the entrepreneurs must realize that no business or investment is “risk free”, but the day the right incubators are in place in the Middle East to permit or encourage the formation and development, as of new ideas, for the small emerging companies by setting of programs to help small companies gaining better chance of survival through the start-up phase, these services might include office space and services at reduced rates, Entrepreneurial advice mentoring and granting access to experienced entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals who can answer questions, provide guidance and resources; only when the right incubators are adopted digital entrepreneurship will overcome these obstacles.

On another hand, the Middle Eastern entrepreneurs should brand themselves, by making their product visible and communicating via all paths their personal value and what they stand for, with total clarity and consistency. It’s especially important to highlight their uniqueness in some easy to remember way, so people will think of them and what they do, in case they need the product or service.

The digital entrepreneurship is successful in this region, as strong as the entrepreneur brand his product confidently, and show that its characteristic is important to clients.

The entrepreneur should find his small idea that fills the wide hole in the market, he should offer a product or a service that represents a need in the marketplace that no other digital entrepreneurship has introduced, and in this way he could control the market.

At the end of the day we have two advices for digital entrepreneurs in the region:  The first is getting started, make it happen. The planning can only take you so far, just start doing and you will learn as you go. The second point is to identify local sensibility, local condition, local parameter that can seem like an obstacle, but can turn into an opportunity, if handled with care. It is important to spend some time in the region, to feel and understand local conditions and then generate ideas out of those conditions. Like this there are greater chances of success

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